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NOSEN Advantages:

1. Only produce screw jack,bevel gearbox power transsmission products.

In China,Only one

2. The most reliable,the lowest cost and the most complete lifting solutions.

Supply a complete set screw jack system,clients don't need to find other accessories.

3. The best pre-sale service.

NOSEN engineers help clients consider all the safety factors, select correct models step by step with clients' engineers, Autocad & PDF drawing and layout for clients' engineers reference.

4. The best after-sale service:

Expert sales teams, familiar with I&E regulation, ensure goods shipment smoothly. We follow up the exported goods from time to time, and make a report for monthly meeting.

During warranty period, any problem of “NOSEN” products, after we confirmed, we will ship a new one to replace.


NOSEN has SIX series standard products, such as:

Worm gear trapezoidal screw jack RN-Series

Worm gear machine screw jack RNF-Series

Worm gear ball screw jack RNK-Series

Worm gear bevel gear screw jack RNS-Series

Spiral bevel gearbox RN-Series

Spiral bevel gearbox RNV-Series


At present, below countries clients regular import “NOSEN” products:

European: Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Netherland, Poland, Poland, Spain, Sweden,United Kingdom

Asia: India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Qatar, Russian, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Vietnam,Saudi Arabia, Iran, Georgia, Armenia, Kuwait

America: United States, Canada

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

Africa: Egypt, Zambia