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Industry News

107.NOSEN mechanical and Electrical secrets for you! What is the difference between the use of a screw lift and a servo motor cylinder?
Screw jack and servo electric cylinder can realize mechanical movement into linear movement back and forth, in comparison, due to the servo motor and servo electric cylinder screw jack combination makes the servo electric cylinder thrust, speed and position control is more precise, therefore they are widely used in modern digital and network technology, and other fields, can be programmed control, the cost is relatively high.
2021-03-11 17:00
Operation screw jack must pay attention to these points!
In the daily work, a lot of work will involve the screw jack, and for the user of the machine, easy to operate the machine is a good machine. But, a lot of people do not know how to operate screw jack all the time, today NOSEN mechanical and electrical will take you to find out!
2021-01-28 14:05
"Secret" of servo electric cylinder, positioning accuracy less than 0.01mm!
Is the servo motor and servo electric cylinder screw integration design of modular products, the servo motor rotation movement into linear motion, at the same time to best advantage - servo motor speed control precision, precise control of revolution, accurate torque control into - precise speed control, precise position control, precise thrust control; Achieve high precision linear motion series of new revolutionary products.
2021-01-18 14:53
What is the difference between the use of a screw jack and a servo motor cylinder? NOSEN electromechanical to answer.
Is there a bevel gearbox in the jack? "Small body, great effect", Nosen Electric explains the installation of cross steering gear for you!
Jacks are very common in everyday life. The construction site, shopping mall elevators, restaurant transmission, municipal maintenance and other industries can see the jack. But I do not know that there is a very important part in the jack, that is, the bevel gearbox.
2020-12-29 16:21
Nosen Screw Jack Speak for Itself by Its Advantage
Lift is our common industrial machine. In concert stage, municipal facilities maintenance, fire rescue, etc., the elevator play a very important role.
2020-12-23 15:52
Selection of Worm Gear Number and Worm Head Number in Worm Drive
The worm drive of the screw elevator is a type of drive that transmits motion and power between two axes that are spatially staggered. The angle between the two axes can be any value, and the commonly used is 90°.
2020-12-17 14:43
Screw jack in the running-in period, how to operate can let each part bite more smoothly!
Screw jack on the kinds of screw is divided into ball screw and the trapezoidal screw, the use of these two kinds of elevator and installation there is no difference, because the ball screw is rolling friction, suitable for the condition of high frequency high duty, without their own self-locking function, need additional braking device to locate self-locking, trapezoidal screw is hard attrition, suitable for the condition of low frequency to duty, and has the self-locking function.
2020-12-09 15:39
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