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NOSEN stage lifting screw jack

NOSEN stage lifting screw jack

Industry News
2019/08/27 15:53
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With its scissor lifting structure, stage screw jack is mainly used for the stages lifting of some small celebrations and daily recreations. Features with the small installation area occupied and a large stroke, NOSEN stage lifting screw jack only measures 200-500 mm height while its stroke could be 14 m, which is particularly applicable for theaters with limitted places -- for example, stage is built above the 2 floor.


For some small stages, screw jack generally serves for man-carrying, which requires a high level of safety. Many stage lifting jacks sold on the market looked small and exquisite. Guarantee of safety is not promised as its thin bearing support.

High-quality manganese steel adopted to all products, NOSEN screw jack features as multifunction, light weight, noiseless, compact structure, convenient installation, flexible use, wide power source, high transmission efficiency and long useful life. Different installation type could support lifting, landing, elevating, pushing, rotating or other methods. Works in a single or multiple linkage way, which can be driven directly by motor or manually, NOSEN screw jacks accurately control the lifting height according to certain procedures.


By the application of screw jacks, platform can realize its double lifting, other plateform group performance such as trapezoidal , multilayer or parallel views, can be also achieved within its certain stroke.   


Stage lifting screw jacks now are also widely used in halls, theaters, function rooms, studios, cultural and sports venues ....

With a strong technical force and multiple pratical experience, the quality of the products that received by customers have been assured as there are a group of professional technicians and management personnel NOSEN owns.