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Technical Information! Method for repairing oil leakage of cross steering gear

Technical Information! Method for repairing oil leakage of cross steering gear

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2020/11/11 14:33
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Bevel gearbox is a large number of equipment equipped and applied by industrial enterprises. Once the oil leaks, it will not only cause economic losses. When the oil leakage is serious, it will cause the reducer lacking of oil, which will aggravate the wear of the gear meshing surface, which will cause bit welding, peeling or equipment accident. Moreover, the oil leakage has a serious pollution to the surroundings and has a corrosive effect on the foundation, which not only destroys the civilized production but also wastes a lot of recyclable lubricating oil.

Common methods for controlling equipment oil leakage are adjustment, fastening, dredging, seal coating, plugging, repair, replacement, and transformation.

  1. Adjustment


By adjusting the oil pressure of the hydraulic lubrication system, the system pressure is reduced, the sliding bearing is adjusted, and the gap between the bearing hole and the journal is reduced to reduce leakage caused by excessive overflow everywhere in the equipment. Adjust the oil scraping device, such as the loose, tight, high and low station of the felt, to overcome the oil leakage caused by the failure of the oil scraping device. In the process of leakage control, first of all, it should be considered to adjust the leakage. Only on the basis of the correct matching relationship of related parts, other methods of governance are the most reasonable.


2) Fastening

By tightening the screws, nuts, pipe joints, etc. at the leakage site, the oil leakage caused by the looseness of the connection site can be eliminated. In general, in the process of leakage control, attention should be paid to check the tightening of each joint. During daily maintenance, the operator must also pay attention to this problem to find the loose parts and tightened immediately to avoid oil leakage or other unexpected failures and accidents.


(3) Dredging


Ensuring oil return smoothly is an important measure to control oil leakage. In the oil return channel, if the oil return hole is too small, the structure is unreasonable, and it is blocked by dirt, the oil return hole should be expanded in time to remove the dirt, dredge, or add a new oil return hole groove pipeline. When the oil path is clear, the chance of lubricant leakage is reduced.


4) Seal coating

For pipe joints, sealing glue can be applied at the joint of the box body to seal and fasten to eliminate leakage. Sealing and coating method for leakage control has the characteristics of simple, obvious effect, low cost and wide adaptability. In general, 70 to 80% of the equipment in the factory can be sealed and coated by different methods.


5) Plugging


Especially for castings with trachoma and through holes, the method of plugging can be used to control leakage. For example, epoxy resin is used to block the trachoma of the box or the screw holes that are penetrated are better. In addition, when plugging, you can also use lead blocks to block.


(6) Repairing


For example, if the joint surface of the box lid is not tight, scraping and repairing should be carried out. When the tubing horn is improper and causes oil leakage at the pipe joint, the tubing horn should be repaired. The burrs, strains, or deformations of Hydraulic lubrication control system components will cause external oil leakage or internal oil leakage sometimes. When the general problem is not serious, the oil leakage failure caused by this situation can also be eliminated through  repair.


(7) Replacement


When the oil leakage of the equipment cannot be repaired due to the wear of the seals and the damage of related parts, then you have to replace. When replacing parts, please pay attention to the proper relationship between the new parts and the accessories. In order to avoid the problem was solved, but a new problem of oil leakage appeared again.


(8) Transformation


In the process of leakage control, sometimes it is necessary to improve the sealing material, change the fastening method, change the lubricating medium, reform the oil return position, and improve the leakage prevention measures, etc., in order to eliminate the leakage of the equipment. There are many ways to use the transformation method to control leakage. In general, care should be taken not to affect the normal operation of the equipment and cannot damage the original strength and rigidity of the equipment especially when adding an oil return groove, expanding a screw hole, and adding an oil pan, etc.

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