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        Screw Jack For Grain Silos

        Date:2012年9月13日 15:37

        Common to most Screw Jack For Grain Silos are the following elements:
        1. Model: RN-20TAHSB1/32-2500PR, RN-20TERSB1/32-2500NR, RNF060-AHSB1/36-2500PR, RNF060-ERSB1/36-2500NR. If use stainless steel spindle screw, don’t need “R” rubber bellows. For above model, loading capacity 50 kN. We can produce screw jacks following your loading capacity, travel stroke etc.
        2. Self locking trapezoidal screw, upright translating screw with clevis end, or inverted rotating screw with plain end
        3. Each screw jack is driven by seperate AC induction electric motor. Because it is 3 phase AC induction motor, it is hard to control so many motorized screw jacks synchronous lifting. So PLC system is neccessory.

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