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        Lifting platform

        Date:2016年3月7日 13:58


        1.platform length and width size : 500*500、800*800、1200*800、3000*1500、6000*2000 and any other size ;
        2.Load capacity : 500KG、800KG、1T、3T、10T、50T、100T etc., any other load capacity;
        3.The lifting speed is depends on the platform size and load capacity ;
        4.Combined with the platform and the size of the load ,can be choose 2 set ,3 set ,4set ,6set,8set,16set etc ., Lifting Systems can be Type I, Type T, Type U, and Type H.
        5.In order to make the platform stable, we will make the guide pillar to prevent the Lateral Force and the shake.
        6.The lifting system should use the bevel gearbox, connecting rod and couplings.
        7.The motor will be AD and DC motor, the power depends on the loading and the lifting speed.
        8.NOSEN lifting platform is widely use in lifting stage, Logistics delivery lift,Mechanical processing platform, Medical operation table, Building decoration platform, etc.

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