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        Plastics industry

        Date:2016年3月7日 13:57


        1.RN-1T、RN-2T、RN-5T、RN-10T、RN-15T always use in the plastic machinery.
        2.In the Plastic pressure three-roller machine, we use RN-10T、RN-15T and the ratio is 1:16、1:32, 2 sets in the upward side and 2 sets in the below with flange. The screw end will use the thread end. The lifting speed is slow with AC motor RV worm speed reducer to make the gap-adjustable.
        3.Plastic roller always use RN-5T with top plate and the ratio is 1:24
        4.In other plastic machine, we can help the customer to select the model according the loading(KG), lifting speed(mm/min),stroke(mm),connecting,etc.

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