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        Packaging Printing

        Date:2016年3月7日 14:03


        1,Nosen bevel gearbox is widely used in the packaging  printing equipment ;
        2,  RN - 4 m, RN - 6 m, RN to 8 m, RN to 12 m,, RNV RNV - 090-090 ,RNV - 200 several models bevel gearbox was very popular on our  market ;
        3,several bevel gearbox is synchronization to use ,it can satisfy the requirement of the transmission accuracy;
        4, screw jack are used in lifting platform gap adjustment ;it should be use RN10T or RNF055 following models .
        5.on the packaging printing equipment, relative transmission accuracy is  require higher, we also can choose the  precise ball screw jack   .

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