Screw jacks maintenance in hot days

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2019-09-26 14:30

  Screw jack is a major product for NOSEN company, there are mainly  4  popular  series -- trapezoidal screw jack RN series, ball screw jack RNK series, heavy duty trapezoidal screw jack RNF series and high speed bevel gear screw jack RNS series.


  To guarantee the accuracy,  efficiency and useful life, the best materials  and   accessories  used  for  NOSEN products and strict inspection will be carried out before leaving,which assures all indicator data meet the quality requirements.


  For screw jack,not only do our manufacturers need to pay attention to its production, customers also needed to take care that while using-- included installation  specifications, use specifacitions and store specifications. Then comes what we need to care during the depositing of screw jack.


  First, safty is very important for disassembly of screw jack,equipment  dismantling   implement  done  after the stability determined.

  Second,screw jack should work in a cool and dry place which as dust free as possible.Impurities might impose an intensive friction on screw jack in the next time using.


  Last but no least, components such as threaded rod, worm shaft,bearing and oil seal should be added lubricants to ensure it stored in a good condition. Anti-rust fluid recommended to spray on parts such as the screw worm to prevent rust.

  Conponents which wear seriously must be change in time. Lubricating grease  should be  applied  to  internal  box and give a guarantee of cleaning.


  We believe our products will creat more value for its good quality if it maintained with concerntrated effort. 

  On the basis of linear transmission products such as screw  jack , spiral  gearbox  and  servo  electric  cylinder,our company equipped with the power that produced by stepper motors and servo motor and the control that provided by the PLC (Programmable Logical Controller) system. Now, we have attained the standard that man-machine operates automatically in the way of rapid shift, accurate  positioning  and safety self-locking.


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