Ball screw in transmission products

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2019-11-18 17:04

  Ball screw is an indispensable key mechanical component in transmission industry.  It  is  the most commonly used transmission component in tooling machinery and precision machi-nery with the main function of converting rotary motion into linear motion. With the small friction resistence, ball screw now is widely adopted by various industrial equipments  and  precise instruments. Structure of ball screw please see below:


  Composed of a screw, a nut, a steel ball, a pre-pressing piece, an inverter, and a  dustproof   device,  ball  screw  functionally turn the rotary motion into linear motion, such development achieves a significant that it turns the sliding of bearing into rolling.When the ball screw adopted as the  active  parts, the nut will be converted into a linear motion according to the lead  angle  and  the  rotation angle of the corresponding screw. Driven parts connected by its nut  bearing&nut, then it could do the linear motion. Metal material adopted, ball screw usually use steel  as  it produced, consisting of a nut and a screw, the helical grooves of the nut the screw  is    match.



  Inside groove, there are lots of chrome steel balls in nut, when they rotates inside the nut, balls provide smooth motion under the screw, and the baffle or return system holds the ball to circulate through the nut.


  With a very small friction resistence, commonly used as the transmission component in machine tools  and precision machinery with the main function of motion conversion, or converting  torque  into  axial  repetitive force, which simultaneously characterized by high precision, reversibility and high efficiency.

High-precision screw jack RNG040

Screw diameter: 32 to 40 mm;

Static loading: maximum 6343 Kg to 7988 Kg;

Dynamic loading: maximum 1922 Kg to 2110 Kg;

Max input: 1500 RPM;


Max stroke: 6000 mm.

  Match with motor, NOSEN ball screw jack could achieve 90% efficiency when working. The  accuracy is   very high -- almost counted by one of thousands inch.  Now  it  has  been widely  used  in  aerospace,  computer, electronics, automotive and medical industries for its accuracy control.



  Ball screw jack is always used for product procession, which is commonly used in  robots,  automated  assembly lines,  material handling equipment,  conveyors,  machine tools,  wire  control  and  precision  assembly equipment.


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