Screw jack in the running-in period, how to operate can let each part bite more smoothly!

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2020-12-09 15:39

Screw jack on the kinds of screw is divided into ball screw and the trapezoidal screw, the use of these two kinds of elevator and installation there is no difference, because the ball screw is rolling friction, suitable for the condition of high frequency high duty, without their own self-locking function, need additional braking device to locate self-locking, trapezoidal screw is hard attrition, suitable for the condition of low frequency to duty, and has the self-locking function.

 On the run-in period, we must be familiar with any mechanical products, including cars, motorcycles, paper equipment, such as run-in period screw elevator is no exception.

There is a running in period before the formal use of NOSEN screw jack. During this running in period, how can you operate to make each part bite smoothly? Next, NOSEN will introduce the correct operation method for you, and the key points that should be paid attention to, so that the efficiency will be higher and the use will be more convenient.


Points to note during run-in period:

1. the run-in period often pay attention to the screw jack, in case of abnormal abnormal sound, to stop the equipment and troubleshooting. If the cause is not found, stop the operation before elimination and contact our technicians.

2. Pay attention to the actual load. The total load during the runin period should not exceed 90% of the rated load.

3. During the runin period, the equipment shall be kept clean, with the focus on the screw and nut parts, so as to avoid dirt entering the nut or box along the screw, which will aggravate the wear of parts.

4. different types of screw jack choose different lubricants, often check the grease level and quality, and check the tightness of screw elevator, found that the grease consumption is too fast, to analyze the reason, solve the problem.

5. before the formal use, to check the performance of the screw lift, replace the running in period of residual grease.

Pay attention to the small problems during the runin period of the screw jack, the following correct operation and use can reduce most of the mechanical failure, prolong the service life, improve the production efficiency, and provide you with more value.


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