What negligence will occur when the screw lift is installed

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2022-06-01 16:34

The screw lift is also called the screw lift, which is an indispensable equipment in modern industrial equipment. Due to its good rigidity, accurate positioning, low noise, convenient installation, less maintenance time and long use, the screw lift has been widely used in In metallurgy, medical treatment, water conservancy, mining and other fields, it is used to replace hydraulic and pneumatic lifting devices.

Due to too little understanding of the product or negligence in the installation process, it will cause damage to the screw lift and its own equipment, so pay attention to the following when installing:

1. If a base is required, the elevation of the center line should be calibrated during installation; when the coupling is connected, the coaxiality should be calibrated. When the flexible coupling is connected, the floating amount shall not exceed the allowable range of the coupling.

2. During the installation of the screw lifter, it should be ensured that the screw rod is perpendicular to the installation surface, and external lateral forces are prohibited from being applied to the screw rod.

3. When designing and installing the elevator box, the rigidity of the worm gear box under static load and impact load should be considered, and the installation should be reasonable.

4. When the elevator is installed, the guide device should be installed reasonably according to the site conditions.

5. The worm gear box of the elevator must be firmly installed on the equipment to avoid loosening and vibration.

6. Before assembling the elevator, the driving source and the equipment, the deviation size of each shaft diameter, hole diameter, key and keyway should be checked.

7. When the motor is directly connected to the lift, if the weight of the motor is too large, a support device should be configured.

8. When the transmission parts such as sprockets and gears are installed on the shaft extension, they should be as close to the bearing as possible to reduce the bending stress of the shaft extension.

9. The bolts are generally 8.8 high-strength bolts.

During installation and use, if these neglects are avoided, the efficiency of the screw lift can be fully exerted.

When installing the screw elevator, the rigidity of the box under static load and impact load should be considered first, and the installation should be reasonable without damaging the installation holes. Next, the technical engineer of Luosheng Electromechanical focuses on explaining the installation of the guide device:

In many working conditions, without the guide device, the lead screw will bear lateral force. The guide rail should be installed reasonably according to the working conditions to ensure that there is no lateral force on the lead screw. The running direction of the guide device must be the same as that of the lead screw or the lead screw. The nut moves in the same direction.

After the guide is installed, the motor can be installed. During installation, the stability of the installation position must be paid attention to, and the vibration of the motor must not be large.

Determination of installation direction and steering: For screw lifts and steering gears, it is necessary to check the steering of the input shaft and output shaft before installation, so as to ensure synchronous lifting, otherwise the screw will rise and fall.


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