Application of screw jack

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2019-09-12 16:27

  Manufaturing and marketing by Nosen Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., NOSEN series products are recognized by many engineers in such industry since it launched.


  Such products now are widely used in the industries of machinery, metallurgy, construction,chemical engineering, health care and culture as its unique shape, compact design & structure and the fully self-locking function.


  The features successfully address issues such as hard positioning of screw lifting and inconvenient installation.


  The application of screw jack drive the demand of mechanical accessaries. Providing convenience and practicality of mechanical design, it has become a trend in the transmission market. Available for heavy loading, items receive  favourable reviews from customers constantly and commented smoothly operating.


  Selection: RN-20TAHSB1/32-2500PR,RN-20TERSB1/32-2500NR, RNF060-AHSB1/36-2500PR,RNF060-ERSB1/36-2500NR. 

  'R' rubber bellow should be eliminated while the stainless threaded rod adopted. Loading capacity of above model is 50 KN. Parameters such as loading capacity and stroke could be all customized.


  Driven by independent AC induction motor,  screw jack opertated with an unmanageable speed since such motor adopted,  servo motor or stepper motor are recommended for the synchronously lifting system of screw jacks.


  The whole accessories of platform are selected by our company. NOSEN  also  provides  customers  with various multipule linkage lifting systems for choosing. 

  With the strong technical force and experienced practice,  NOSEN owns excellent equipments  and  a  number of  talented personnel, which ensuring the quality of products customer received.


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