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2019-09-11 13:58

  NOSEN agitator,  also known as the liquid-solid mixing machine,   forces the convection and achieves uniform mixing of liquid or gases. 


  NOSEN liquid mixer is composed of motor, reducer, pedestal body, shaft and blade.   Driven by motor,  blades mix liquids in vessel then achieve the desired results of mixture, dissolution or suspension.


  Mixing means two different materials dispersed and molecules   mingled to   achieve the equidistribution in the physicochemical property. 

  Dissolution means the equidistribution of liquid's molecule, gas and solid in one liquid.


  Suspension means the anti - precipitation of solid  particle which own   large density and disperse in one liquid.


  A effective  mixers’ design must be base on the theoretical calculation and   the practical experience. It can not be achieved within one complete therory   as the effects and results of mixing,  the property of materials,the complexity   of the liquids and the shape of mixers are diverse. 



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