Difference of ball screw and trapezoidal screw

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2019-09-10 12:02

  Customers always ball screws and trapezoidal screws when making a purchase. This article focuses on the difference between them.In many cases, there is no interchange adopted by such two screws, precision, rigidity and loading capacity must be also taken into consideration if that implemented.


  Trapezoidal screws feature as its trapezoidal threaded section.


  Transmission efficiency: about 26% to 46%.

  Speed: the sliding friction generates more heat during operation, which supports no high-speed transmission.


  Useful life: the period is relatively short as the friction damage of surface, normally, cleaning and lubricating needed to be attention during use.

  Self-locking: such feature always be inversely proportional to the transmission efficiency, therefore, such screws own the feature of self-locking.


 Economic perspective:The high process efficiency at one time makes the low cost. However, due to the development of ball screw and the upgrade of process equipment, such feature might be increased in the future. 


  Ball screw:


  Conponents: screw, nut, steel ball, precompressed slice, inverter and dust protector.


  Feature: small friction losses and high transmission efficiency.

  Balls between the ball screw and the screw nut driven by rolling friction, which obtain a higher efficiency until 90% even to 96%.

  High accuracy: all ball screws adopted for high precise equipment, batch production might reduce the personal error in production accuracy.

  High-speed feed and micro-feeding: driven by rolling friction, the small static friction force of ball screw makes it a tiny starting torque, micro-feeding is precisely ensured by the elimination of creeping phenomenon.

 Compared with the trapezoidal screw, ball screw owns that less than perfect, but with the same reversibility of transmission.



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