System of servo motor and screw jack

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2019-09-06 17:14

  Servo motor now is widely used and occupying an important position in automation appliances business. That should be owes to the advantages of the motor--the high response speed, especially the accuracy of repeated positioning. Servo control providing a large output torque while the system serves for a high dynamic response, which substantially improve its efficiency.

  Under the rated speed, motor outputs a constant torque, which gives a positive guarantees to its accuracy.

  Which result could be achieved by the combination of NOSEN screw jack and the servo motor?
First, by the motor’s feedback regulation, the accuracy of the screw jack is absolutely higher than the single use , such principle is also apply to multiple lifting linkage system.

  That makes the screw jacks meet some sophisticated requirments during application, which unparalleled by other motor.The output way of constant torque provides a rated speed during screw jacks’ lifting and resting. Stability and synchronism bring a higher accuracy and a longer usful life with the system. 

  Different motor suggested as the various requirment. 

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