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2019-09-06 13:46

  Combination of servo cylinder and ball threaded rod,NOSEN electric cylinder features a higher transmission efficiency of the screw and a higher accuracy of repeatedly positioning.

  Methodically turns the rotation of the motor into the linear way, such cylinder achieves a precise linear transmission sturcture.


  Servo cylinder is the motor which controls the operation of mechanical components in servo system,it functions as a switch which turns the electrical signal into angular displacement or the palstance of the spindle.With the constant torque output type and a instant reaction, NOSEN electric cylinder characters as low noise, low inertia and small & compact structure, which provide it a convenience of installation, an advantage of energy conservation and environment protection and a long useful life. 

  To make sure such product launches and delivered to customers early, we fight for the completion of the assemble, and now the first cylinders are debugging to aviod the flow of defects.

  It is the quality assurance from NOSEN, we adhere to our purpose-- be responsible to customers, our brand, and the trust, provide a better service to our customer. Since company established, we also put the quality into the first place and carry out this tenet strictly.  


Exist for electromechanical technology and develop for intelligent transmission!

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