Spiral bevel gearbox

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2019-09-04 18:07

  Components such as connecting rod, coupling and spiral bevel gearbox are emplyed in the lifting of an screw jacks linkage system. In that case, spiral bevel gearbox serves an important role for power transmission.


  Spiral bevel gearbox, a series of speed reducers, now realized its standardization and diversification and widely used in the field of industrialization.


  With the only different appearance the same performance, spiral bevel gear struture adpoted for the internal configuration of NOSEN spiral bevel gearbox RNV & RN. 


  This passage gives an brief explaination for the material of major components and the internal configuration of spiral bevel gearbox RNV series. Hoping bring you more choices when system designed.

  Figure shows the internal configuration of RNV series.

  For the adpoted materal of components:

  Housing: high-rigid cast iron adopted.

  Gear: high quality alloy steel machining.

  Shaft: 45# steel adpoted, with the ability of high loading after heat treatment of carburizing.


  Bearing: bearing of larger torque can be achieved as the TRB (tapered roller bearing) adpoted.


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