Noise occurrence of screw jack

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2019-09-03 16:07

  Screw jack is a widely used mechanical elevator. Sometimes, small problems might be occured for the long time operation, for example: noise. The unexpected noises emerged by reasons of accessories’malfunction. Next, we would roughly discuss those problems which caused the noise. 




  Abrasions of axial surface and keyway and the bending of the shaft.



  It is hardly for shafts and bearing blocks abasing, sometimes such situation occurs when the shaft installed or operated in an inappropriate way (insufficient compactness with bearing).




  Once the worm shaft and bearing damaged, the solid grease inside the screw jack emulsified and rusting, corrosion and damage of bearing would be also happen.



  The wear of tooth surfaces of worm gear and the input shaft would brings an abrasion of the gear. Sometimes gear damaged naturally by the long time using.


  For the frequent operation, NOSEN suggest its ball screw jack. Any abnormities exist during operation shall be checked and machine shall be protected before normal use. 


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