Specification of screw jack installation

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2019-09-02 14:22

  With the popularity of the screw jack, demands has been double anually. For most clients who have not used such product yet, they might have some questions for the installation. Some basic knowlegde for screw jacks’installation and usage is explained below for your reference. 

  Simultaneous rotation of threaded rod and screw nut inside the base surges a relative rest of them. For that case, the installation of guide poles for fixing the thread rod will initiating the relative motion. Thus the threaded rod will be driven to move in liner motion.


  Preventing threaded rod from rotating, key is used to fix the key way of the rod. In that situation, threaded rod will be only do axial motion which driven by the screw nut. A steel cover must be equipped for the ball screw and anti-rotation block must be installed inside the cover, so that the threaded rod could be eliminating from rotation.


  The anti-rotating devise of ball screw jack is driven by two keys fabricated into the steel cover. A sliding block with two notches installed at the end of the screw rod, which will do axial motion alone the keys.

  Rotation surges no linear motion for threaded rod but for screw nut. Such installation would own better stability by adding a bearing in the rod end. Load only works by the guidance of guide poles. E/F installation type usually works with lateral force, it is important to check the lifting capacity of the threaded rod.


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