What kind of convenience can the screw lift provide for life?

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2022-06-01 16:36

The screw lift has vertical lifting, lifting, horizontal pushing and pulling, and assisting in rotating and turning over to adjust the position and height. It does not require frequent maintenance and has a long service life. Various advantages have been widely used in various industries.

The screw lift is a new type of lifting machinery. It has many features, compact structure, convenient installation, diverse structure, many supporting forms, stable operation, low noise and so on. A single lift is stable, multiple sets are used in combination with high synchronization performance, and the input sources are wide, electric, manual, and driven by pulleys, which can be accurately positioned according to the instructions. Screw lifts can be customized for some non-standard products, and reasonable structural forms and connection forms can be designed according to your actual working conditions.

Screw lift RN-2T

Screw diameter 25mm, pitch 5mm;

The maximum static load is 2 tons;

The maximum dynamic load is 1.3 tons;

Speed ​​ratio 1/5, 1/10, 1/20;

Lifting speed 75-1500mm/min;

Input horsepower 0.25-0.93hp;

The maximum input rotation speed is 1500rpm;

Screw: trapezoidal thread;

Stroke range: maximum 6000mm;

The top has T top plate type, H bolt hole type, R flat mouth type, S tooth mouth type, U bayonet bolt hole type, E/F nut structure;

Power is electric/manual.

The following introduces the application of the screw elevator:
Transmission devices and numerical control actuators in the machinery industry; roll motion devices in the metallurgical industry, ladle lifting and turning devices in steel mills, and motion transmission devices in places beyond the reach of people; vehicle lifts in the railway vehicle industry, large-scale flexible clamping , indexing tooling, welding robots, etc.; lifting devices in the construction industry, automatic or remote control opening devices for large doors and windows; opening devices for gates in water conservancy and other industries, radar and solar remote sensing devices; Lifting devices; and transmission devices for aerospace, defense and military, etc.


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