Common failure problems of ball screw jack nuts

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2022-06-01 16:38

The ball screw lift has a unique ball screw nut pair, which is prone to failure if used improperly.

Ball screw nut pair: It is an ideal transmission device for mutual conversion between rotary motion and linear motion. Its structural feature is that balls (as intermediate transmission elements) are installed between the screw nuts with spiral grooves to reduce friction.

Ball Screw Lift

Ball screw rod

Debris particles enter the ball track

1. The processing debris enters the ball track. When the ball screw and nut pair are installed, if there is no scraping supplies, the debris of the processed object will easily block the track, resulting in improper lifting operation, wear of the lead screw and steel ball, and the accuracy is greatly reduced.

2. When shipping, most of the packaging materials are fixed with wooden boxes, foaming, etc. If the packaging is not careful, there will inevitably be some wood chips.

Steel ball material

The most commonly used material for the steel balls in the ball nut is chrome-molybdenum steel. With or without lubrication of the ball screw, the temperature rise generated during movement is significantly different. This temperature rise may cause the steel ball to break or be damaged, thus causing damage to the nut or screw groove. The elevator needs to be lubricated with grease in time.

Balls fall out of nut

As we all know, the ball screw lift cannot be subjected to lateral force during operation. When a lateral force occurs, the lead screw will compete with the nut. Over time, a gap will be formed between the lead screw and the nut, so the steel ball will be removed from the nut. fall out.

Improper bearing installation

1. If the bearing is installed on the ball screw and the two are not properly fitted, backlash will occur under the condition of axial load, which may be caused by the long or short shoulder of the screw.

2. The verticality between the bearing surface of the bearing and the V-shaped tooth axis of the lock nut is not good, or the parallelism of the lock nut surface in the corresponding direction is not good, which will lead to the inclination of the bearing. The V-shaped teeth of the cap and the bearing surface of the bearing must be processed at the same time to cut the verticality, and it is better if they are processed by grinding.

Solution: Use two lock nuts with spring washers to fix the bearing to prevent loosening during operation.


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