Is the movement principle of the electric screw jack different from the manual one?

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2022-06-01 16:37

The screw jack is composed of worm gear, box, bearing, lead screw and other components.

The working principle is: the motor or manual drive the worm to rotate, the worm drives the worm wheel to decelerate and rotate, the inner cavity of the worm wheel is processed into an internal thread, and the lead screw is driven to move up and down.

The functional characteristics of the screw jack: by driving the worm to rotate, the lead screw can move up and down to achieve the effect of push-pull or jacking.

1. The lead screw electric push rod and screw elevator have the function of dynamic load and self-locking, which increases the safety of equipment operation.

2. Accurate positioning The comprehensive position accuracy can reach 0.1mm; the position accuracy of the servo electric cylinder can reach 6um.

3. Precise control Equipped with encoder, controlled by frequency converter or controller, to achieve accurate closed-loop positioning; if the accuracy requirement is not high, it can be equipped with a potentiometer to achieve online control.

4. Synchronous single reduction motor drives multiple push rods at the same time through mechanical connection to achieve synchronous lifting and absolute synchronization.

5. Drive system: AC motor 380V/220V, single AC motor, three-phase AC motor, no air/hydraulic source required.

6. Overload protection can be equipped with a safety clutch to prevent overload; it can also be equipped with an overload pressure sensor to prevent overload.

7. The high push/pull load can reach 250 tons.

8. The screw elevator is easy to maintain, has low noise, and can work normally in high/low temperature, anti-corrosion/explosion-proof harsh environments. The most important features are: self-locking performance, synchronization, precision positioning, speed control, thrust control.


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