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2019-09-18 18:13

  NOSEN bevel gearbox, which also known as spiral bevel gear steering box, T-type steering box, commutator and steering gear, is essential to machinery industry.


  With a good heat dissipating capacity and large bearing, such product earns a good reputation for its low   noise (≤ 80 DB), reliably safety and high efficiency. With the polyhedral installationand hollow output shaft adpoted,   many input and output mode are employed in installation,   the high  adaptation makes   it  easily  combine with other machines.

  Proper lubricant adopted could boost the efficiency and extend the useful life of the product.

  Primary mill would be occured during the first two weeks or 100-200 working hours, crumb of metal powder grain might occurs inside the product, cleaning of its internal parts and the changing of the oil must be done.


  Lubrication must be changed during a long operative duration, which considered as half year to one year or 1000-2000 hours。

 Above is the information about NOSEN bevel gearbox, which provided by Nosen Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.

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