Structure design for trapezoidal screw

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2019-09-20 13:43

  Devices modified by lathe, workpiece turns and cutter and knurling tool holder moved. After lathe carriage moved, milling   head and follow-rest with the holder were installed on the carriage,which settled in front of milling cutter. Chunk clamping to the left side of the workpiece while the other side moved its tailstock and connected with a hollow support, which allows  a     longer material clumped (twice milling length than before). Cutting the milling part and  process  that  after  truncation  can  reduce waste of end material.


  Driven by a polished rod in specially desined structure, the screw rotates inside the nut, collet chuck adopted to the left end of the screw, then the workpiece rotated to the left, and the polished rod and the screw rod are hollow tubes (reducing waste of the end material).Auxiliary support could be considered to adopt as the long middle suspension.  For the clamping device  of knurling, both of their installation are same while the connection part between the support frame and the machine tool is different.


  A hole is processed in the support frame, groove milled and through-hole technology  employed  through the core of hole  across the processing  site. The width of groove should be equal to that of the  handle of  knurling . A narrow groove  milled  vertically below the hole, provides iron dust an elinimating way then protects the knurl wheel from blocking or jamming. The covering of knurling is compressed by screw of the handle.Steel finish the knurling after processing guide sleeve, then milling adpoted, such procedure realize these two processes at a time.


  Tool steel adpoted,guide sleeve is milled a openning at the top, which owns the length with the end face of the support.Pin hole milled at the sleeve, match with attachment screw and frame, to make sure the opening opposite to the groove.


  With the rapid reform happens in international economic development, the continuous development of scientific technology boosts a higher quality of life, which also raise a higher requirment to screw jack in the international market.


  Combining decades experience of transmission design, NOSEN independently researches and develops trapezoidal screw jack and ball screw jack.   


Exist for electromechanical technology and develop for intelligent transmission!

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