Specification for bevel gearbox installation and debugging

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2019-09-23 18:28

  Bevel gearbox should be installed against bases or foundations which are stable and flat.If shakey foundation selected, vibration and noise would be caused during operation and the rate of damage on bearing and gear would be accelerated.

  When there is any hump or gear or chain  wheel  adopted  for transmission  coupling,   protective  component acceptation should be taken into consideration. When larger  radial  load  imposed  on  output shaft, a strengthened one should be employed. 

  Central axis must be correctly matched during installation,whose clearance can not be greater than service compensation of coupling. Central axis accordance could offer product a longer useful life  and  a  higher  transmission efficiency.


Installation which according to its specific method provides workers the facilitation of oil pointer,ventilation and fuel drain plug approaching. After such procedure down, accuracy of the installation position shall  be  thoroughly checked in order, and the reliability of each fastener and flexibly rotation shall be also checked.


  Products should be operated in a stale, no impactive, vibrationless way  and  no  oil  leakage  happened.  Abnormalities should be ruled out once appear.


  Regular check upon the oil level prevents housing from oil leakage. Mark of the oil should be change with the excess or cold temperature.



Elastic coupling is suggested for the direct connection between the driving shaft of the gearbox and motor. Besides, gear coupling or other nonrigid coupling is recommanded for the connection between the  driven  shaft of the gearbox and working machine . A  concentric point must be assured by  the driving and driven shaft of the gearbox and axis of joint,whose clearance can not be greater than the allowance of coupling.


  When  the  bevel  gearbox  is  installed  and  used, it  must  be flexible by  hand steering without any stuck operation. The axial clearance of  the  worm  bearing  and  the  gear bearing  should  meets t he  technical  requirements. Product should be operated normally after 1 to 3 hours  of  no-load  and  partial  rated  load intermittent operation.There should be a stable and smooth operationa and no abnormal phenomena such as vibration, noise and oil leakage occurs.The maximum oil temperature  should  not  exceed  80 °C.  If the  fault is found, it should be eliminated in time.


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