NOSEN screw jacks' application on car production line

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2019-09-24 15:48

Widely used in modern automobile manufacture industry, hydraumatic are widely used in automobile automated production line especially in welding production of car body, locating,  clamping,  lifting and lowering of carriage, and the soldering of the carriage when it near the automatic hawkbill.


  With the requirment of environmental protection and lean  production,   many manufacturer  choose other electric drive tools as the solution.Compared with the former one,tools driven by electricity could give a better assurance of stability, safety  and  environmental  protection.  With  it  features  as  small structure for installation,maintenance-free and labour and cost saving,which provide a resolution once for all.


  Next, we would introduce the application of NOSEN heavy duty screw jacks in automobile production line.


  Trapezoidal threaded rod adopted, NOSEN heavy duty  screw  jack  RNF120  performance please see below: 

Max loading capacity: 500 KN

Diameter of shaft: 120 mm

Pitch: 14 mm

Lifting speed: 1500 mm/min

Input HP: 0.3 to 64.5 KW

Max input RPM: 1500 RPM


Stroke: 6000 mm


  It can meet the requirements of clamping, positioning and holding, lifting and lowering of the frame of the production.With small installation occupancy,the wiring is simple which makes the product easy for operation. The whole set of equipment does not need too much oil pipeline which makes it easy to maintain.


  Most importantly, NOSEN screw jack can realize the secure self-locking function to keep the position fixed and  avoid  the  frame falling  and  the  loss as the accidental power failure occured  during  the  production process.No matter for passenger car or the heavy-duty vehicle production of construction machinery, NOSEN screw jacks can meet your requirements by single or multiple use.


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