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2019-10-04 15:33

  With the expension of domestic market of screw jack, the number of  domestic   manufacturers  has  increased greatly, which brings confusion to the market such as various scale of production,  uneven  quantity of product and different recognition of brand.  The  price  of  screw  jack  is  very  different,  especially for products with non-national standard, the quality gap of those with national standard is also vary enormously.


  Under normal circumstances,domestic famous brands even imported conponents are adopted for the internal parts of the product (such as bearings, oil seals, etc.) .  Cheap screw jack mostly produced in workshops, while its quality and longevity cannot be guaranteed, the price difference is several times or more.

  The main components of NOSEN screw jack are worm gear and worm shaft. 45# steel  is adopted for the shaft,which also features high frequency of carburization, heating implemented after CNC cutting. The surface hardening makes its hardness up to 45-55HRC, then grinding.


  Besides the qualified parameters of gear, others of conponents should be settled  within   allowable  tolerance,  after strict quality inspection,  parts finally selected for product  installation.  The worm of cheap products is only processed a rough open while no worm hardening and precise grinding, such worm has insufficient hardness which would be worn quickly and easy to break.


  Normally,  Worm gear usually used ZQSn10-1 as material,  which ensure the machining accuracy  of  tooth and the precision of internal thread machining  to  control  the  clearance  between  worm  and screw. For the cheap substitution, the gear is made of brass or even cast iron, which is greatly reduced in cost with no guaranteed useful life.


  To ensure the toughness of the screw,  that of NOSEN screw jack is generally made of 45# steel after   precision turning ,the screw clearance and the roughness of the thread,which is usually precisely ground by a thread grinder, were ensured at the same time.


  In summary, the difference in the price of screw jack depends largely on its manufacturing cost. The difference between high-quality product and some inferior finished product could be 1-2 times, while  the sales price is more different.  Material and production process of internal  components  must  be    implemented when selecting the product. 


  Besides the high performance screw jack, On the basis of linear transmission products such as screw jack , spiral  gearbox   and  servo electric cylinder, NOSEN equipped with the power that produced by  stepper  motors  and  servo motor and the control that provided by the PLC (Programmable Logical Controller) system. Now, we have  attained the standard that the man-machine operates automatically in the way of rapid shift,accurate positioning and safety self-locking.


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