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2019-10-07 15:57

  Bevel gearbox, a very common but important part for transmission  equipment,  is  widely  used  in  aviation, aerospace, machinery and other industrial sectors.


  Some problems might occur for the long duration of such product application,which briefly describe    below.

  1.Damage of bearing


  When damaged, liquid lubricant in the bevel gearbox has a chance to be emulsified even the reducer works in a good sealing addition. 


  The rust, corrossion or damage of bearing is caused by the condensation of the solid  grease,  which  cooled from heat during operation. It is also closely related to the quality and assembly of bearing.

  2. Wear of the bevel pinion

  Such damage happen in those bevel gearbox which mounted in the vertical type and always related to the addition & choice of the lubricant.Insufficient lubricant might caused by that installation type, that is because the oil of gears between motor and gearbos would be lost when the products stops running, gears are not properly  protected by lubrication, and mechanical wear and even damage caused as no  effective lubrication gets during starting or running.

  3.Heat & oil leakage


  To improve the efficiency of such product, alloy steel and harden steel are respectively adopted to bevel gear and the shaft.Higher heat occurs during operation as the power transimission driven by sliding friction. Such friction brings differenct thermal expansion between the parts and the sealing,  a gap is  generated in each mating surface, and the oil is thinned due to the increase in  temperature,  which is  easy to cause leakage.

  There are 4 points need your attention:

  1. The rationality of materials adopted.

  2. The quality of meshing friction surface.

  3. The chioce & addition of lubricant.

  4. The assembly quality and working environment.



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