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2019-10-08 14:51

  Combination of motor, gear reducer, supporting, shaft and blades, NOSEN agitator could achieve the mixing, dissolution and suspension of liquid by it blade which driven by motor.


  Mixing means two different material mingled and achieves the  uniform  distribution  of   physical  or  chemical properties. 


  Dissolution means molecules which originally belong to solid, liquid or gas uniformly distributed into a liquid.


  Suspension is a mixing result to prevent the sediment which is solid particle with large density  occurs  into a liquid that with a small density.


Mixing effect


  Mixing effect is affected by many factors, such as the shape, material & structure of tank, the temperature, concertration & viscosity of the liquid.


Property of mixture


  Liquid mixture are mainly featured by its density and viscosity. Density is the relationship between mass and volume, which is a property of a substance. The viscosity is a friction of cohesive force that prevents the relative between molecules during flow by external forces (or a tendency to flow). 




  Viscosity is a physical property of fluid, which used to measure the magnitude of  viscous  force. Various liquid owns different viscous value, which determined by  factors  such  as  materials, temperature and concentration. Such unit of measurement is abbreviated  from  dynamic vascosity and marked as Pa.s or mPa.s. Viscosity affects the shape of the container selected.

  Design and selection of mixer are affected by mang factors, the user needs to provide the following  information in the actual selection:

1. The shape and size of the tank.

2. The ingreduent, concentration and viscosity of mixing material.

3. The PH value of mixing liquid.

4. Stirring speed.

5. Other application requirment.


The effect and purpose of mixing, the property of the agitated material, the complexity of the flowing liquid, and the installation type of agitator is various, the design of the mixer cannot be completed in a whole theoretical calculation.


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