Safety specification of screw jack

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2019-10-09 14:07

  Screw jack plays an important role in our daily engineering process. For each project, the main task is to ensure the safe operation of machines. Next, detailed information of safety  operation of  screw jack  would  be  shown  below.


  1. The lifting platform using the screw jacks must be  equipped  with  professional  operators  who  have  been  specially trained, qualified, and certified.


  2. Before operation, professional shall give a technical and safety explanation to operator.   The  main  contents  shall include: work contents and requirements, safety precautions and dangerous points; personnel division  of  work and their scope of responsibility.


3.Operator must be follow the maintenance requirements.After performing various inspections and maintenance, the lifting platform can be started. Working range of the platform truck should be checked  and  obstacles  that  hinder the rotation and walking of the platform shall be removed.

  4. Staff should fasten safty belt while operating. When working in a charged region,  car should  be  grounded  according to the regulations. The lifting operation of platform should be carried out by person who in charge  of  the work. The person should contact the operator according to the standard requirements. The signal  must be    sent clearly and accurately.


  5.Supporting is an important part for platform lifting, which determines the platform  should  be stand  on  the  level ground. If the foundation is soft-grounding or undulating, sleeper must be adopted to make it work.


  6. Platform should be lifting with the order of lower, middle and the upper arm.During the swinging  operation,  the lower arm must be lifted to a certain height then rotation could be performed. The rotation should be slow,  and it is necessary to pay attention to the distance between cutting arm and platform to see if it meets the safety requirements.


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