Solution of screw jack jamming & hyperpyrexia

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2019-10-10 15:53

  As an normal component for lifting, screw jack features as a smaller & more compact structure, easy installation, various inout form, high reliability and long useful life. But sometimes, phenomenon such  as  descending lifting capacity, excessive temparature rise, and machine suddently getting stuck.


Descending lifting capacity




  Wrong model selection & improper use is the result of machine stuck or lifting capacity decsecding.




  Model selection of screw jack should be based on the stroke and loading, otherwise, screw would  be  bent and no lifting achieved.




 When the rated power of the machine smaller than lifting needed power,or the torque of motor smaller than that of actual needed, screw jack stop lifting or pulling.




  The normal operating temperature of the product should be controlled between -15 and 45 degree, which means that the lower or higher temperature   would  hinder  its  operation. As the importance of temperature, please   contact  the  engineer  before  selection so that we could offer another suitable project. 





1.Screw bent as it suffers an impact during operating.


2.Dust or scrap iron in the working environment enters screw or base.

3.Lateral force imposed on input shaft causes its bend ant cracks the gear.


4.Oil seal getting stunk as the higher working temperature.



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