Specification of screw jack model selection

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2019-10-14 17:49

  Featured as small & compact structure,multifunction, light weight & noiselessness, screw jack is famous for  its  easy & flexible installation, multiple power source, higher transmission efficiency and longer useful life.

  Multiple installation type adopted, screw jacks could achieve jacking, landing,  lifting,   pressing ,  pushing  and  flipping by single use or multiple linkage. Driven manually or by motor or other power ,  the  height  of  the  jack  lifting  acccurately controlled by certain procedures.

  Next, a brief explaination would be given for the specification and model selection.


  First, the series of screw jack should be settled. There are many series for screw jack, such as RN, RNK, RNF and RNG, but all of them are design under a set of theory.The model selected according to the  customer's  use  (eg,  industry, installation, environment, accuracy requirements, appearance requirements, etc.). 

  Second, movement type should be clarified. There are two movement type for screw jack, nut travelling type & screw translating type--the former means screw fixed rotation and travelling nut do axial motion while the later means screw rotation and do axial motion.


  Third, model should be comfirmed. Its selection mainly depends  on  the  loading, stroke and  speed -- Load  is  related to the model, stroke is related to the stability of screw, and speed is related to the power. Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively consider these three factors to select the appropriate model of the product.

  Products mainly applied to:

  1. Stamped fastener of lifting table, turning and test instrument platform lifting on machining.

  2. Clearance readjustment of flatteners roller, structure relocation of tube stock or board.

  3. Thickness cutting adjustment of  plastic machine.

  4. ladder stand, lifting, lifting plateform for installation and maintenance.

  5. Door of high temperature ovens operation

  6. Height adjustment of plastic manufacturing machine.

  7. Coagulating or modeling.

  8. Smelting which used to adjust electrodes and hot liquid casting.

  9. Equipment moving and installation in constructure, such as the lifting of windows, walls or fense.

  10. Stage lifting, height of the swimming pool ground adjusting and that for  operation  table lifting  in  culture  and hygiene.

  11. Reservoir gate and protection board lifting in hydraulic engineering.


  12. Movement which can not be achieved by manual operation in scientific research.




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