Screw jacks’ application in solar system

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2019-10-15 14:17

  With the increasing awareness of enviromental protection at home, more and more clean  energy  are  adopted to citizensdaily life.In recent years,several solar power station with large power capacity have been built in western area of China,  which  make  an   achievement  of  photovoltaic  grid - connected   generation and boost the development of solar power. 



  Our company reached a consensus with a domestic company who major research solar energy on the application of NOSEN screw jack in large-scale  solar  lighting  equipment.  Nosen  Mechanical  and    Electrical Technology Co., Ltd. would be responsible for the design of the solar equipment.


  The large solar panel of the equipment needs the function of lifting and reversal, which is an ordeal   to our technician. Aiming to strive for the technological breakthrough, after the efforts, the complete design plan was completed, and the 3D model drawing of the transmission part of the equipment was designed and obtained, which was recognized by the customer technical team.


  Combining   with   its   transmission  design   experience   for  more  than  10  years, our  company    independently develope NOSEN series of screw jack--ball screw jack and trapezoidal screw jack.


  Besides that, our company also provide the professional design of bevel gearbox, servo cylinder. On the basis of linear transmission products such as screw jack , spiral gearbox and servo electric cylinder, our company equipped with the power that produced by stepper motors and servo motor and the control  that  provided  by  the PLC (Programmable Logical Controller) system. 


Exist for electromechanical technology and develop for intelligent transmission!

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