Lubricant selection principle of screw jack

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2019-10-18 11:09

  As everyone knows, lubricant adopted into the bevel gearbox could increase the efficiency and extend its useful life.Why bubblet occur on lubricant while products operation? Will   they affact the products efficiency?


Lubricant selection principle


  The primary factor in the selection of the lubricant is the viscosity. Viscosity is a very important physico-chemical index of gear oil. The meshing speed of the gear is the main indicator of viscosity selection --  suitable viscosity of reducer can make the internal friction of the oil small, so that the wear of the gear   surface and the transmission noise and vibration are greatly reduced.


  The viscosity of lubricant for bevel gearbox is primarily achieved by the base oil and the index impro-ver, which also determines that such index of base oil is related to the molecular structure and molec-ular weight -- the larger average of molecular weight, the greater viscosity of the oil.


  For base oil,the mineral type one includes three kinds of lubricating oils--based crude oil refined from paraffin, lubricating oil refined from naphthenic crude oil and intermediate-based crude one. The lubrica-ting oil refined from paraffin-based crude oil has better viscosity and performance than others. A good tackifier requires a high tackifying ability, good shear stability, low temperature properties and thermal oxidation stability re also required to process.


  Lubricant HD320-680 is adopted for NOSEN bevel gearbox, which imposed that the features of low speed, light or heavy load and high temperature resistance.


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