Advantage for protection cover adoption

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2019-10-22 17:27

  Threaded rod inside the screw jack would be exposed to the  air  during  screw  jacks' operation. To  effectively  prevent the components such as threaded rod, optical lever, shafts and column from pollution and destruction. A cover or support should be adopted for the protection which  could  also  stretching  or  compressing  with  the  components. Plastic or aluminum support ring is recommended for horizontal use to maintain a uniform distance between the inner cavity of the shield and the lead screw to extend  the  useful  life. When  the  tensile length  is  large, a metal ring can be added to each fold to improve the stability of the shield -- the metal  flange  or  collar  type are usually used for the connection or fixed end.

  Other way for protection is to sew a screw  guard -- the round screw guard is made of stamped discs  with two adjacent inner edges. The two outer edges are stitched together which achieves a better stabili-ty and horizontal firmness. Materials can be selected depending on the work environment.


Besides the processing method of the protecting cover,different materials and different processes should be also taken into consideration. The utility model relates to a screw protection cover supported by a steel  ring,  which  adopts a plurality of fabrics,has a rigid wire ring support and works normally at a high temperature of 110° C and a low temperature of -40 ° C. Such cover effectively prevents dust, water, oil, emulsion and chemicals. It also has a neat appearance which not easy to be deformed by its tightness and firmness.It can also be used for ventilation, dust removal, etc. The flexibility of the item is not only in material choice, but also the customized diameter  and  length according to the specific requirements.


Application of the protection cover of screw jack 

 The protective cover of the screw jack can effectively prevent the damage of the screw from dust, oil, chemical, extend the useful life. To install that, it is necessary to add thread in the protruding positioning hole at the bottom of threaded rod, and then rotates that.The retrofitting can not be done for the finished product, custome-r should specify in advance whether the protective cover needs. The worm gear screw jack should be equipped with a protective cover. It is recommended to install a protective cover when products used in dusty, humid, oil   or chemical corrosion, which effectively  protected and extend the useful life.


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