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2019-10-23 16:31

  Features as reverse self-locking, bevel gearbox could provide a large ratio for speed reducing.   Supporting by a square appearance, such product designed with the  European  standard  which  gives the interchangeablity to them with those that produced in Europe. Characteristic  of  good  heat dispersion, NOSEN bevel gearbox has the advantages of heavy loading capacity, smooth tran-smission, noise control below 80 decibels, safe reliability and higher efficiency. The structure of polyhedral installation, hollow output shaft and various input and output modes provides a easier combination and a higher adaptation.

  Harmonic drive of harmonic motor transmits motion and power by the controllable elastic defor-mation of the flexiblity of components. Compared with the metalwork, such higher precision  and  small product has a worse rigidity and the flexible gear has a limit useful life and poor impact resi-stance, all these conditions support a low input speed for the gear.



  Except the expensive cost, the compact planetary reducer has the advantage of small backslash, higher precision, longer useful life and large rated output torque.


  The cycloidal pinwheel reducer is a novel transmission device that uses the planetary transmission principle and cycloidal pin gear meshing. There are 3 parts of such transmission device--input, gear and output.



  A new power transmission device, cylindrical gear motor uses gear to reduce the revolution  of motor and gets a larger torque.The reducer is a machine that relatively precise and used to speed reducing and increase the torque.


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