Gear transmission design of screw jack

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2019-10-29 15:56

  Gear transmission system of screw jack, which involves the whole process of design, manufacture, installation,  maintenance, and update of gear transmission, demands  many designers, manufacturers, installers and maintain-ers the rich knowledge reserves. NOSEN would have a brief passage for the design of the gear transmission.


Accuracy class of gear


  When system designed, designers often consider the economical factors and the accuracy class was determined after economy. It is ignored that the accuracy class is related to noise and backla-sh of gear. The American Gear Manufacturing Associationhas found  that  the  high -precision   gear operated with less noise than those of low-precision via numerous studies. Therefore,in cond-itions permitting, the accuracy class of gears should be increased to reduce gear noise and trans-mission errors possibly.


The width of gears


  Increasing the tooth width can reduce the unit load under the constant torque. Noise  could  be reduced by the reduction of tooth deflection and noise excitation. Study arranged  by  H. Opats   from Germany shows that when the torque is constant, the small width owns a higher noise curve than those wider. Similarly, the wider tooth can increase the bearing capacity of the gear.


Pitch and pressure angle


  The fine pitch can ensure a larger contact, which increace the overlap of the tooth  and  reduce  the single deflection to denoise and improve precision. Smaller pressure angle due to the larger   contact of gear contact angle and the overlap ratio, which achieves a lower noise and higher prec-ision.




  Study shows that the use of cylindrical box is advantageous for shock absorption. Under the   same  conditions,  the noise level of the common structural gear box is averagely 6 dB higher than that of cylindrical box. Resonanc-e testing of gearbox helps to find the resonant position and add ribs (plates), such solution can significantly redu-ce vibration and noise. In the multi-stage gear transmission, the change of the instantaneous transmission ratio  is required to be as small as possible to guarantee the stable movement,the small impact and vibration and the   low noise. 


Analysis of coustic radiation


  When selecting different structural gears, an acoustic radiation model should be established for the specific stru-cture, then dynamic analysis should be performed to pre-evaluate the noise to meet the different requirements of the user (the place of use, whether it is unmanned, in  the  urban  area,   specific  requirements  for  the  above-ground and underground buildings, noise protection, or no other specific requirements).


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