Specifications of bevel gearbox

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2019-10-30 13:53

  As designed as a power transmission product, bevel gearbox reduces the motor speed to the required  rotating speed and gets a larger torque by the velocity transducer of bevel   gearbox  adopted.  In  the  current mechanisms for power and motion transmition,  the  application  of  bevel  gearbox  is  turning  extensive.


  Such products are applied to various drive system, which requires the large power, the small loading  and  the  precise angle transmission. The increase of torque and reduction of speed are imposed to bevel gearbox, which makes their pervasive application in  devices featured speed & torque transmission in industry.


Bevel gearbox NOSEN RNV-065


  Speed ratio: 1.5:1, 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1

  Transmission efficiency: 95%


  Speed: 10-1450 RPM


  Torque: 11.6 to 18.62 N.m


  Power: 0.13 to 2.4 hp


  Shaft: 2 (1 input, 1 output), 3(1 input, 2 output), 4 (2 input, 2 output)

  Noise: below 80 dB


  Working heat: below 50℃


  Working temperature: -20 to 80


  Rotation: clockwise & counter-closckwise, various input & output direction adopted.


Main function:

  1) Reduce the speed and increase the output torque simultaneously. The output ratio of torque is multi-plied by the motor output and the reduction ratio.


Attention:  The torque of bevel gearbox cannot exceed that of the reducer rated.


  2) Speed reduce brings an instantly decrease of load inertia -- the reduction of inertia is the square of the reduc-tion ratio.


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