Noise during transmission

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2019-11-01 17:34

  Sometimes, noise appears during the operation of screw jack qhich caused by the gearbox inside the machine, a control system is equipped in the gear transmission system. What is the reason for such phenomenon?

1. Error impact


  The tooth profile & orientation error and pitch error are the main errors leading to transmission  noise  during  manufaturing, which also a problem difficult to guarantee the accuracy of gear  transmission.  Gears  with  small  tooth profile error and surface roughness have 10dB less noise than ordinary gears under the same test conditio-ns. Gears with small pitch error have a noise level of 6 to 12 dB, which less than that of a normal gear. However, if there is a pitch deviation, the effect of the load on the gear noise will be reduced since the error will cause  the  uncomplete power transmitted.


2. The concentricity & dynamic balance


Gear misalignment is the result of the unbalance of shaft operation,with the combination of loose and tighteness, the noise would be intensified as that combination. Unbalance of high-precision gear transmission assembly will seriously affect the accuracy of the transmission system.



3.The hardness of gear surface


  With the rapid development of the technology of case harden surface, such product features as large bearing, small size, light weight and higher transmission efficiency and generally  widely  used  in  the  industry.To reduce the noise, finish machining must be implemented. Besides the traditional gear grin-ding,a new method, hard surface gear skiving reduce the noise by correcting the top and root of the tooth, or reduce the tooth profile of  wheels to reduce gear engagement and impact.


4. System indicator verification


  The machining accuracy of the components and its matching method  (completely  interchanged,  grouped,  single-piece, etc.) will affect the accuracy level of the system which will also have an effect on the noise. Theref-ore, the verification (or calibration) of various indicators of the system  after  assembly  is  critical  to  control  system noise.


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