Lifting platform of screw jacks

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2019-11-04 17:33

  Not only used by single, screw jack usually used in the multiple linkage system.The multi-linkage system of screw jacks now is very common. When the large span or loading imposed by the worki-ng area, or it needs a stably overall synchronization, we will select such system  for  customeres  base on different requirements and installation space.


  There is a difference between the single or linkage use of screw jack. The loading, the stroke, the required lifting speed, the size of the installation platform or the screw pitch must  be  confirmed  first, then select the specific model to satisfy customers requirment.


  For the small platform, as the shorter connecting rod which is convenient to process, the  screw  jack can be arranged directly according to the screw spacing, and the H-type or U-shaped scheme usually adopted. For the larger platform, as the limited length of connecting rod, we could  settle the screw jack base on the length of the rod, appropriate increase of screw jack could provide the enough supports to the plateform.

  To get the even stress, screw jacks are arranged as symmetrical as possible on the platform. The transmission efficiency of two jacks is 95%, three is 90%, four is 85% while six & eight is 80%.




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