Professional usage of screw jack

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2019-11-05 17:29

  Screw jack, an industrial essentials, is a common lifting equipment.  Due  to  the   independent  characteristics of screw jack, such machine has its unique use requirements which can not be used beyond the scope, otherwise it is prone to failure.



D1 Speed


The maximum speed should be below 1500 rpm as the worm gear structure adopted for the screw jack,when the stroke longer than 300 mm, please refers to the datasheet for its stability. 


D2 Power



  There is a max input power for each model of screw jack, which means the input speed  should not  be  exceed  the peak.


D3 Loading



  The torque should be calculated if the bearing reaches 25% to 100% of the full, which can be drawn by the loadi-ng percentage multiply by the full torque. The max input power is related to working temparature.



D4 Self-locking



  All NOSEN screw jacks equip with the function of self-locking.


D5 Leteral force



  The screw can not bear the lateral force. If there is, a guide rail must be supported that.

  Screw jack RN1T

  Diameter of screw 24 mm, pitch 5 mm

  Maximum static loading 1 tons

  Maximum dynamic loading 0.6 tons

  Speed ratio 1/5,1/10,1/20

  Lifting capacity 75 to 1500 mm/min

  Input hp 0.05 to 0.5 hp

  Maximum input speed 1500 rpm

  Screw with trapezoidal thread

  Stroke maximum to 750 mm

  Screw top end: T type (load pad), R type (plain end), S type (threaded end), U type (forked end), E/F travel nut


  Power source: motor and handwheel.




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