Screw jack’s measurement for noise elimination

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2019-11-06 17:16

  Besides the gear machining accuracy, noise would be occur if there is improper installation.

1.Vibration and blocking measures 

  Such measures should be adopted to avoid resonance and noise between fuselages connections with foundat-ion support and the parts during installation. Resonance often occurs when one or several gears resonate in cert-ain speed ranges. Besides the design reasons, such position might not be detected after installation. Sometimes noise directly relates with measures of vibration attenuation or interdiction. Some gear transmission devices(such as inspection instruments) that require a low transmission noise and a small vibration should be also use a high toughness and damping base materials.

2. Geometric accuracy adjustment

  For such accuracy that does not meet the requirements of the standard, is result in resonance of the transmission device. To eliminate that, installation & tooling should be improved, the overall quality of the assembly personnel should be also ensured.

3.Looseness of parts


  The losseness of individual partsduring installation (such as the system of bearing preload, shaft alignment and fork limit),which causes the occurrence  of  deviation  of   accurate  position,  the  normal meshing and shafts location, then vibration and noise are generated.

4. Transmission parts

  Inaccurate motion or motion instability due to improper operation which damages transmission   components.  High-speed moving parts which damaged causes the vibration of oil film.  Sometimes  parts  runs  off  balance    which due to the artificial reason, will also cause the noise and vibration. Such elements should be avoid during installtion. For those parts which unfixed must be renewed for the stable operation system.


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