Measurements for noise of screw jack

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2019-11-07 17:00

  How to properly maintain the screw jack so that it works in correct use.  Maintenance  of  the gear transmission system can not reduce the noise level to ensure its accuracy, but  it  can prevents its index degradation and prolong its useful life.


1. Internal cleaning of transmission device


  The internal cleaning of the transmission system is  the  basic  condition to  ensure  the  normal operation of the gear. Any entry of impurities or dirt will affect and  damage  that,  leading to noise and damage to the system eventually.


2. Normally Working temperature


  The ensuring of the normal operating temperature of the transmission  system  helps  to  eliminate it from being deformed due to excessive temperature rise,which also resulting in abnormal meshing, to prevent noise from increasing.


3. Timely & appropriately lubricating


  Untimely & inappropriately lubricationg would cause  an  immeasurable  damage to  the  system. To ensure the system under a properly and timely lubricated, could keep the syste-m operated within a certain noise level and delaying its deterioration trend. For gears oper-ated under  high-speed, the friction of the tooth surface generates large amounts of heat.  If an improper lubrication adopted, it will cause damage to  the  teeth  which  affects  the  accuracy and increase the noise. It requires a proper clearance (the gap between the unwor-king faces of the meshing teeth to compensate for thermal deformation and storage grease). Proper use and selection of grease ensures the safety and  efficient  operation  of  the  system to stabilize the noise.


4. Proper usage of gear system


  Use lubricant with the normal operating sequence of the system could minimize the dama-ge, which also ensure a stable noise level. System runs  within the  normal  load  range  as  the noise increases with increasing load.


5. Periodic maintenance inspection


  Regular maintenance (replacement of oil, worn parts, loose parts of fasteners, removal of debris inside the system, adjustment of various gaps to  standard   values,  verification  of  various geometrical accuracy) can improve the system's resistance  to  noise degradation    and maintain the stable conditions.


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