Annoucement of bevel gearbox during operation

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2019-11-08 16:06

  As the basic industry of national economic development, reduce now is widely used from home  appliances to automobile airplane and production tools to construction   machineryGearboxes     are needed in almost all mechanical transmission systems. A large demand has driven the develo-pment of the reducer market and enriched its manufacturing. As an important part of mechanical transmission, reducer plays an irreplaceable role in China's industrial development. The  common  reducer is bevel gearbox, which mow widely used in modern machinery . Nwxt, NOSEN  sums  up  the maintenance method of the NOSEN bevel gearbox.


Bevel gearbox RNV-090

Speed ratio: 1.5:1,1:1,2:1,3:1,4:1,5:1


Transmission efficiency: 95%


Speed: 10 to 1450 rpm


Torque:33.8 to 53 Nm


Power: 1.2 to 209 hp


Shaft: 2, 3 and 4


Noise: below 80 dB/ Heat: below 50℃


Working temperature: -20℃ to 80℃


Direction: Rotate clockwise or counterclockwise


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  Bevel gearbox is a individual components which combined with an inout and output shaft and gears that sealed in a rigid base. As a gear reducer, it always adopted to the  device  as  a  driving link,  which  serves  for  the  rev-matching and torque transmitted.


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  For the new products, lubricant should be refilled after a continously 300 hours operation. After that, lubircant should be refilled after 2500 hours operation. Oil  should  be  checked  regularly    during use and replacement should be taken if impurities, aging and deterioration occurs.


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  A fixed brand and number of lubricant should be adopted, as the different one mixedly used wo-uld damage the bevel gearbox. During the oil refillment, remaining should be cleaned then injects the material. When the oil temperature is too high (above 80 °C) and abnormal noise occurs, stop using it immediately and check the cause. Rebooting could be  done  once  faults  eliminated  or  lubricant changed.


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