Clearence compensation of NOSEN screw jack

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2019-11-11 15:44

  As the professional manufacturer and develper  of  linear  transmission,  various screw  jack  is  NOSENs main product.

 There are certain clearance inside the internal parts,if it not exists,tremendous and unimagenable friction would be imposed to worm and gear. Screw jack is a common device for linear transmissio-n. With the longer use consumption, the increase abrasion causes a larger clearance.

  The clearance is a representative of working accuracy of parts, there are mainly two factors that related with the clearance inside the screw jack:


1. Error compensation

   Compensation for axial turbulence

  Firstly, the perpendicularity error of the  bearing  positioningand  the  center  line on  the  main  shaft and its direction should be measured. Then measure the error of the end circular runout  of  the thrust bearing and its highest position, and finally makes that shift to the highest   point.  All  those steps boost the conjoint installation of that and the lowest  point  of  circular  end  of   the  thrust bearing, to reduce the amount of error in axial turbulence.


2. Shif compensation


  When the lead angle of the worm is smaller than the equivalent friction angle between the mesh-ing teeth, product has self-locking property, that is ,the worm gear can only be driven by the wor-m shaft, and the worm shaft can not be driven by the worm gear. For example, in the self-locking worm mechanism used in some heavy machinery,  the  reverse  self-locking  property  can  safely  protecting the machine. Error compensation is an adjustment method to ensure the accuracy  of  motion track of equipment by properly fitting  the  parts  themselves  and   generating  a  certain  degree of mutual cancellation. There are  two  common  ways to  compensate  the  error -- shift  compensation & comprehensive compensation.

  The internal clearance could be manually adjusted, which means that the center line of the main shaft in the same axial plane should be on the same side, and the error value of the front bearing is smaller than the error value of the rear bearing. The worm & gear  contact  in  line,  and  their  carrying capacity is much higher than that of the crossed helical gears.


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