Tips for the usage of screw jack

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2019-11-12 17:23

  As a basic linear transmission device, screw jack is widely used in recent years  such  as  metallurgy, water conservancy, mining and photovoltaic equipment.It is environment friend-ly no matter in its application or manufacturing. With the function of self-locking, NOSEN  screw jack features as heavy loading capacity and low noise, those are the reason why they used as the substitution of hydraulic equipment and pneumatic power tools.


1.Screw jack

Model: RNF-016

Diameter: 16 mm

Pitch: 4 mm


Screw: trapezoidal screw jack


Power source: electric & handwheel


2.High speed screw jack


Model: RNS-15

Diameter: 24 mm

Pitch: 5 mm

Screw: trapezoidal screw


Power source: eletric & handwheel




  Some tips are suggested for energy saving and useful life extending during screw jacks operation:


  When replacing grease or lubricating oil, stop the  equipment  and  make  sure  there  is  some residual temperature.Since the grease will solidify after the device completely cooled, it is very difficult to replace under that situationAnd power must be cut  off  to  prevent  accidents.


  Always check the grease quality, if it is too turbid or less, some new  should be  replaced  and added. Worm gear would be affected if  the  lubricant too  turbid,  which  would  also  damage the useful life of the screw. When adding grease, pay attention to the same grease should be adopted.

  It is necessary to establish reasonable equipment inspection record and maintenance regu-lations. Timely records for problems that occur on the device, then  promptly eliminates    and regularly maintains that.


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