Wrong model selection or improper use of screw jack

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2019-11-13 16:41

  Screw jack, as a newly linear transmission product, is widely used in many industries.


  Common application: High-speed car lifting jack, locomotive maintenance platform, large lifting stage, metallur-gy, hydraulic engineering, solar photovoltaic industry, drying equipment, aerospace equipment and national def-ense military, which helps people lifting, pulling, reversal and some actions beyond human capacities. If a wrong model or improper use adopted, that would cause the screw jack a deprivation or a weak lifting. 


1. Heavy loading while a smaller model has been chosen.


  When model selecting, please match its performance with the actual  stroke  &  loading,  otherwise, the threaded rod would be bent and machine out of work.


2. Power or torque of motor are below standard.


  When the power required by the screw jack is smaller than the lifting power, or when the motor torque is smaller than the actual multi-use torque, the objects will not be lifted  or  pushed by the screw jack.


3. Movement


  There are two movement types for screw jack -- traveling  nut  movement  &  screw  movement.   The  former type means that screw rotates and the nut on the screw rod moves up and down. The later type means screw does not rotates but moves up and down.


Screw jack RNF 018


Screw diameter 18 mm, pitch 5 mm

Max lifting capapcity 5 KN

Speed ratio:1/4,1/16

Lifting speed: 1500 mm/min, 375 mm/min

Input power: 0.025-0.04 kw

Maximun input speed: 1500 rpm

Screw: trapezoidal screw

Stroke: Maximum 6 meters

Screw top end: threaded end, clevis end, plain end, top plate, forked head


Power source: motor/ handwheel


  Besides the high performance screw jack, Nosen Mechanical and  Electrical  Technology Co.,  Ltd.  is  a  professional enterprise for researching and developing intellectual transmission products. On the basis  of linear transmission products such as screw jack , spiral gearbox and servo electric cylinder, our compa-ny equipped with the power that produced by stepper motors and servo motor and  the  control  that  provided by the PLC (Programmable Logical Controller) system. 


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