Failure problems of ball screw nut

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2019-11-14 17:30

  Ball screw jack particularly adopts  ball  screw  as  the  threaded  rod,  which  easily  got  damaged while improper use.

  Ball screw: the optimal part for the transition of rotational & linear motion,  features  as  balls inside spiral flute of nuts (as a intermediate driving element), such screw could effecti-vely reduce the friction.



01 Particles of debris enter the ball track


  Debris during processing accidentally enter the ball track during installation, if  there  is  no wiper equipped, debris of workpiece will easily block the track and cause the  improper  lifting and running, wear screw and steel ball, which makes the greatly reduce of precision.

  For shippment, most of the pasts are fixed in wooden boxes with foaming. If packaging  is  not   careful,  some  wood chips or foam chips will inevitably enter the ball nut, causing the steel balls to slide poorly or directly jam.


02 Material for the ball


  The most common material for steel balls in nuts is chrome molybdenum steel.   The  ball  screw has different efficiency in temperature if lubricant adpoted. This  rise  temperature  may cause broken even damaged, thus cause the damage to the nut or the screw groove. It is necessary to timely lubricate screw jacks.


03 The ball falls out of the nut


  As is known to all, the ball screw jack can not be subjected to lateral force during operati-on. When the lateral force occurs, the screw rod will compete with the nut, then  a  gap    would be exsits between the nut and screw over time, so the steel ball falls from the nut.


04 Improper installation of bearings


  If the bearing is mounted on a ball screw and they are not  properly   fitted, a  backlash  would be occured as the axial load. This may be caused by the longer or shorter screw shou-lder.

  Poor perpendicularity between the bearing surface and the V-shaped shaft of the locking nut, or thePoor parallelism of the locking nut surface in the corresponding direction, woul-d  torture the bearing to tilt. Therefore, the V-shaped locking nut of the shoulder must be processed simultaneously with the bearing surface, then, the perpendicularity could be fixe-d, but the better way for processing is grinding.


  To solve that problem, secure the bearing with two locking nuts with a spring cushion to prevent loosening during operation.


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