The advantages of screw jack (compared with hydraumatic & pneumatic)

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2019-11-26 17:33

  As a contemporary lifting device, worm gear screw jack has grown rapidly in recent years. Base on normal customers requirments & propositions, our   manufacturer  believe  that  speed,shifting and safty are the top concerns for customers, and safety is the top  priority  among them.


  Compared with hydraumatic & pneumatic power, screw jack, which features  as  small  &  simple structure, has more advantages over the transmission products. While applied,  it  is air or hydraulic tank free, which could be driven by motor or manual handwheel. Besid-es that, it could be used as single or multiple linkage, which provide more application po-ssibility to mechanical engineer.


  Substitute hydraumatic & pneumatic machine for screw jack


  1.Mechanical synchronization -- rigid synchronization is achieved by driving 2, 4, 6, 8, 12, 20 screw jacks with one motor, and the synchronization accuracy is 0.1MM.

  2.Seli-locking -- for the internal structure, the worm gear and the lead screw are used for the active transmission. Because of the self-locking performance, the reliability and safety of the equipment are provided.

 3.Positioning accuracy -- Synchronous servo motor or encoder control,  position  control  accuracy of 0.1mm.

  4. Simple maintenance, low noise & green driving.

  5. Screw jacks is suitable for any space due to its advantages of small size and huge bearing capacity.

  6. Screw jack uses the superior structure of worm gear and worm drive with its extremely low cost to serve  the  needs of various workplaces and industries.

  For self-locking performance

  When worm driven by motor or handwheel, the screw can move up and down freely; when there is no driving power, a large load which placed on the screw, will not cause the screw moves back and forth and the worm will not reverse.

  Mechanical self-locking parts

  Parts with self-locking performance: 

  Worm and gear, screw nut and cymbal block, which such performance related to the trans-mission efficiency.

  Parts without self-locking performance:

  Generally, for cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, helical gears and bevel gears. there is no self-locking function according to the transmission efficiency.


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